DicML (Dictionary Markup Language) is my idea of an XML description of dictionary data. It's meant mostly for multilingual dictionaries, but can be useful also for other kinds of them. More on how DicML came into being can be found in section Idea.

To see the examples in section Materials you need a browser correctly understanding XML 1.0 and XSLT, for example:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (the version 5.5 do it incorrectly)
  • Mozilla (quite slow processing; older versions — earlier than 1.0, I guess — have problems with some of XSLT sheets in section ‛Examles’)


Below are links to some sources and examples. (CAUTION! This is a test version yet and it can still undergo radical changes!) The Schema and .xml-s were validated with XSV.


(wersja 0.4 testowa)
Pliki XML Schema opisujące składnię DicML-a. Schemat jest dość ogólny i dopuszcza pewne wariacje składni.


(wersje z 27.12.2002)
An example of XML document with an XSL formatting sheet; both modelled on a dictionary from the series of ‛Larousse de poche’.
(wersje z 27.12.2002)
Another example, this time based on Japanese-English part of ‛Random House Japanese-English English-Japanese’.
(wersje z 27.12.2002)
Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne ‛Mały słownik ukraińsko-polski polsko-ukraiński’. A simple example designed for showing how I imagine application of element <Y>.
(wersje z 27.12.2002)
Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne ‛Mały słownik słowacko-polski’.
(wersje z 27.01.2003)
A dictionary based on my own Slavonic creation.

For the project is still in intensive development, I'd be grateful for any opinions and comments that could help me improving DicML and developing it's abilities. (And if you can't stand my English, also please mail me and point me out my mistakes so that I could correct them.)


I had once a need to present a dictionary in HTML. The problem was that I changed very often the conception of its appearence, consequently spending most of time making consecutive corrections. So, when I by chance discovered XML, I took the opportunity to make use of it.

My particular needs infuenced some features of the idea. Because the data were to be input manually and stored in large amount, the tags are possibly short ― mostly one letter or at least or two. Due to the same reasons the general schema provides for optionality of the divisions of the article ― thus if there's no need for a certain catchword to insert, for example, the semantic division, the tags <S></S>, that represent it, may be omitted. For sake of efficient processing, probably it would be a better solution to have a more rigid syntax that require these tags and the genral DicML schema of course provides also for it.

Thanks to some persons' interest in my idea I decided to systematize it. Building XML Schema made me reconsider many solutions and change a great deal of them. By the way I coined a suitably pretentious name for the project ― ‛DicML’ (Dictionary Markup Language). And that's the result.


A DTD file will probably come into being, but first I'll wait untill the schema stabilize. As for now, I'm going to concentrate on tests and corrections.

I think of a kind of a little tutorial to make DicML more accessible and easier to understand than from a quite abstract Schema or complex examples.

The version 1.0 will appear when I consider the system complete, efficient, flexible, precisely described and tested.

XML and related technologies



  • 2003-03-08 — edycja (from today, I'm mentioning about edition in ‛History’)
  • 2003-02-12 — corrections in the formatting sheet LDP.xsl
  • 2003-02-05 — new layout begins affecting English version
  • 2003-01-27 — corrections in the formatting sheet slovnik.xsl
  • 2002-12-27 — DicML prototype version 0.4; nowe przykłady: WSiP_MSSP.*, slovnik.*
  • ; adjusting the rest of the examples; finally the DicML ― changes ― history of definitions and examples
  • 2002-10-22 — new example: WSiP_UP.*
  • 2002-10-21 — correction: DicML 0.32b, examples ― LDP*.*, RH_JE.*
  • 2002-10-03 — DicML prototype version 0.32; new example: LDP_DF.xml
  • 2002-09-17 — new link
  • 2002-09-16 — adjustment to the new design; links
  • 2002-09-05 — corrections in RH_JE.* examples
  • 2002-09-04 — DicML prototype version 0.31
  • 2002-08-29 — DicML becomes public in English: version 0.3 ― the prototype
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